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Claims involving steel cargoes are frequent and the result is substantial payments from P&I Clubs, therefore, ascertaining the pre-shipment condition of the cargo and subsequent remarking of Mate’s Receipts and clausing of the Bills of Lading became a very important part of the carrier’s obligations.

Pre-loading surveys are mostly required to be performed in cargoes of finished steel products (coils, wire rod in coils, plates and sheets, flats / square / angle bars, profiles, pipes / tubes and reinforcing bars) and also in unfinished steel products such as slabs and billets.

We start our attendance for Pre-Loading Survey at berthing time, verifying holds condition to receive the parcels, to inspect the hatch covers, hatch closing devices, ventilators, manholes covers, etc.

During Pre-Loading Survey, we are your eyes and ears at Port, ascertaining pre-shipment condition of cargo by checking it at stocked area, alongside the vessel and inside holds during complete loading operation.

Our attending surveyors examine the condition of cargo for rust, dust, physical damages (steel stripes broken/missing, wrapping torn, oil/grease stains indents, bents, scratches and telescopic effects, handling gear marks, etc), results of which are passed to Master and inserted in Mate’s Receipts accordingly.

Upon completion of Pre-Loading Survey, a complete survey report with photos and documents (Statement of Facts, Stowage Plan, Mate’s Receipt, Fumigation Certificate, Ship’s particulars, Crew list, etc) attached is issued, detailing the loading operation, stowage and lashing/securing of cargo.

Seatech Marine and Cargo Surveys has large experience in pre-loading surveys of steel products, being one of the most required services by our clients.

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General products, just as, machineries, containers and trucks, are also required to be inspected, in order to check the cargo condition prior to load and prevent the vessel for any claim that may arise.

Seatech has inspected containers with fruits that suffered damages during the voyage and assisted the interested part to investigate the real cause of it. In these cases, temperature records are checked, the percentage of cargo damaged is analysed, as well as the condition of the fruits and the container is inspected.

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