The holds cleanliness condition survey is conducted to ensure the cargo holds condition before loading, ascertaining whether the holds are ready to load the nominated cargo or not.

Most of times, our attendance for holds cleanliness survey is requested for vessel’s scheduled to load grains or sensitive cargoes.

Upon receiving appointment, we hire boat service and grant authorization from local Port Authorities to access the vessel at Anchorage area to perform the holds cleanliness condition survey.

Our main concerns during hold cleanliness surveys are:

  • Make sure that all cargo holds are free from ANY previous cargo residues/vestiges and;

  • Free from loose rust, scale or paint. Painted surfaces must be properly applied and cured;

  • Special attention to dark stains on painting, gaps between frames, brackets and behind access ladders, pipes, manhole covers, etc;

  • Check for dry and clean condition;

  • Free from odours;

  • In all ways in a suitable condition, fit and safe to receive and preserve the intended cargo;

  • All bilge covers, access covers, tank-top covers should be inspected and properly secured;

  • Bilge wells should be clean and dry with pumps in good working order;

  • Tank-tops should be free from container fittings, pad eyes and protrusions;

  • Hatch covers must be demonstrably watertight with all seals and sealing faces in position and properly maintained;

Upon completion of holds cleanliness survey, our attending Surveyors issue a Field Survey Report approving of refuting vessel’s holds’ condition for loading intended cargo(es).

In case of refuting vessel’s holds, recommendations to vessel’s Command are made, in order to reach cleanliness condition to load intended cargo(es).

The Field Survey Report is sent to our client at same date of attendance aboard and a complete survey report including large volume of photos is issued on the next day.

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