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The Bunker Quantity Survey is the supervision of the vessel’s bunkering. This service has big importance to the managers / operators in view that the same is one of the biggest contributor to the cost of operating a vessel.

Seatech offers impartial and independent quantity measurement inspection, confirming fuel delivery or reporting shortages.

Scope of Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS):

  • Initial/final sounding of the bunker tanker and receiving vessel, prior/after bunker stem.
  • Sampling of fuel stemmed and subsequent testing for density, viscosity and water content by means of a certified laboratory.
  • Detailed bunker survey reports confirming fuel delivery or reporting shortage.
  • Sampling documentation photographs as requested or permitted.

Seatech Surveyors act as advisors in case of fuel shortage or disputes, assisting vessel’s Command in issuing Letter of Protest and contacting Suppliers.

A detailed Survey Report is issued after the completion of operation stating the way the bunkering was carried out, as well as, the survey findings.

The 221B Survey

The 221B Survey, also known by Bunker Spot Survey, is the measurement of vessel’s bunkering figures at the time of the Survey.

It is not unusual to find more fuel oil on board than the quantities declared by the vessel on the log book. This way, Seatech Surveyors does its best in order to find hidden fuel oil on board.

We have act in cases that over than 50 MT of fuel oil was hidden and we could bring it back to the knowledge of vessel’s managers / operators.
In many cases, the price of the hidden oils found is way higher than our service fees. This way, our Survey is paid by itself.

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