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Seatech Marine & Cargo Surveys was founded in 1993, at Vitória, Espírito Santo, Brazil with the purpose of performing high quality services and attending exactly the specific needs of the clients with a reasonable and compatible price.

Seatech attends a wide range of services, being the Pre-loading (steel products / iron ore / fertilizers / grains), On/Off-Hire Bunkers and Conditions, Bunker Quantity, Hold’s Grain Cleanliness Condition and Draft the most requested surveys.

Strategically based in Vitória, Seatech can reach the ports of Tubarão, Praia Mole and Vitória within few minutes. Seatech owns four cars and a modern facility with first line equipment including computers, cameras and operative system, in order to well attend the services and in a quick and professional way.

Seatech also performs surveys all over the Brazilian territory, such as Acu Port, Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Itaguaí, Pecém, Suape, Barcarena, Vila do Conde, Itaqui, Manaus, Belém, Aratu, Paranagua, Rio Grande, São Francisco do Sul, etc.

Our staff is composed by qualified professionals with years of experience in the maritime market.

Our wide range of marine surveys performed includes:
  • Pre-Loading / Unloading;
  • P&I Surveys;
  • Draft;
  • On/Off-Hire Bunker and Condition;
  • Bunker Quantity Survey, ROB;
  • Holds Inspection (Grain Cleanliness Condition);
  • FCR;
  • Ultrasonic Test;
  • Tally;
  • Hose test to verify water tightness of hatch-covers;
  • Sealing of Holds (Hatches + Manholes);
  • Salinity tests with silver nitrate;
  • Underwater inspection;
  • 221B Bunker detective investigation;
  • General and bulk loading/discharging survey;
  • Accident/Casualty Investigation;
  • Cargo damage;
  • Pre-purchasing;
  • Warehouse inspection.

To provide worldwide high quality standard services on the maritime universe to clients located anywhere in Earth, taking care of safety at first place.


Be recognized for attending the needs of our clients, defending their interests and exceeding their expectations.

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